How It Works

Here are some questions and answers that might clear a things up for you as you decide what to pick out. If there is anything we missed, please feel free to send us a note at



Is everything ready to eat?

Yes! Just heat up in the microwave where appropriate. The pizza comes 'ready-to-bake', and the ramen you just add hot water to. 


Please take note of our food allergy warnings here.

What are the serving sizes?

The Craven Local Food Market meals are sized to be filling meal for 1 person. The pickles, tea infusions and kombucha comes in quart sized jars. The pizza is 12", so it can be split by 2 or eating whole by 1 very hungry person. The snack packs are sized for 1 person to be able to snack throughout the week.


What if I can’t be home for the delivery window?

We ask that you leave a cooler out so we can place everything inside of it.  


What can I do if I am outside the delivery zone?

Store pickup is available! We are open on Mondays from 12-430 and also have an after hours pickup location at our storefront in Ernul. Email us at for more information. 


When will I be charged for the subscription?

You should see a charge come through each Friday morning for your subscription.  Please let us know by Friday night of any cancellation or additions!


How do I cancel, modify or skip a week?

Watch our video below.

Please see our delivery range below.

Delivery Map




Do you do private parties and events?

Sure do. Contact us at


Do you do catering?

Yes we do!  Place a one-time order over $250 and just let us know when you need it delivered. Orders must be placed by the previous Thursday midnight. Send an email to before or after ordering.


I feel underwhelmed, wish you had something on the menu, or wish you were at ____ location with your food truck. Can I offer some suggestions?

Heck yes you can! We very much value the opinion of the community, and we know you know a TON about this area that we may not yet! Contact us at