About Us

Our lettuce rafts

Craven Local Food Market is a new food delivery service that sources fresh, clean produce from local farms, including our own. Most of our greens come from onsite greenhouses , which enables us to harvest, prepare, and deliver all on the same day.

Not just that, we’re not spraying ANY unnatural chemicals, use organic seed whenever we can, deal with other local farms that use similar practices and source meat that is hormone free and raised humanely. So, we not only gather all of the best ingredients for you, we do the planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and… since your food is basically ready to eat, it becomes so much easier to deal with those temptations, which gets to us all time to time .

With that said, we design our weekly menu with 2 things in mind – maximum flavor and nutrition … we don’t use refined sugar and include carbs only in moderation and when appropriate.

The fuel that your body is going to be running on is the fuel our bodies was designed for.

It won’t take you long to find that you have more energy throughout the day, sugar cravings decline, and if you stick to it, I promise you’re going to feel better than you did before . A diet this high quality is really only available to such a small % of the population nowadays, but we’re able to provide it to you for nearly the same cost as you’re already spending on food on a weekly basis.

Not sure if you want to try us out? No problem. Add your email to our mailing list below, and we will include you on the weekly email, notifying our customers then the new week’s menu is available.


Our quality commitment

Meat & dairy free of added antibiotics, steroids & hormones

Locally sourced produce which is free of unnatural chemical pesticides & fertilizers

Little or no use of refined sugar and artificial flavoring

If you were hoping to hear a little bit more about our back story and how we came to be, please see our blog post, The Veg2Bowl Creation Story