Building a New Food Future Together

Let's create the change we want to see in the world.  With your support, we can redefine how local food is done.

We are a co-op of farmers who both love growing & cooking.  We've all been inspired by our experiences traveling all over the world, and want to bring that back with us to Eastern NC.  We recognize we are in a global world, but when it comes to food, local matters.  Flavor, freshness, environmental concerns and food security - it's all important to us.

Meet the Team

Meet the starting lineup for the Craven Local Food Market.  We are a collection of farmers, business owners and food producers.


Brandon Youst

Owner, Bootstrap Farmer, Craven Local Food Market & Veg2Bowl

Entrepreneur designing ways to localize the national food supply, starting right here in Craven County.


Cait Nolan & Joe Fox

Owners, Little x Little Farm 

Cait is the head chef of the Veg2Bowl meal subscription


Joe is head chef of the Craven Local Food Market


Little x Little farm is a permaculture style homestead.  Cait & Joe recently finished building their home in Ernul.


Kristin Toler, Dalyla Sunshine & Melanie Thompson

Our awesome support. 


Melanie grows mushrooms & is part of a tiny home community.


Dalyla is overseeing our tea garden & bringing you herbal tea infusions in the Spring.


Kristin, formerly of Little Taste of Heaven, bringing her Pappy's pasture-raised eggs on a weekly basis.

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